Welcome to my site


                                                 - My name is Richard NL10609, born in 1967 and living in Rotterdam the Netherlands (JO21GV).
                                                   Since +/- 1985 I'm listening on the shortwave bands.
                                                   First to broadcasting stations with an Intermerc HAM 1 receiver and later an Panasonic DR 26.
                                                   My first antenna was a wire about 10 mtrs long and later an home made dipole with coils about 40 mtrs long.
                                                   In 1988 I became a member of the ECR and the VERON with an official SWL number NL10609.
                                                   In the same year I bought an Tono Theta 550 and I begin listening (watching)  to RTTY and CW.
                                                   This means that I'm very actif from that moment listening amateur and utility.
                                                   After somewhile I listening only amateus bands in the modes RTTY and CW.
                                                   The receiver is used today is an Kenwood R1000 (about 10 yrs) and an Collins 51J4 and my antenna is an Diamond CP6.

                                                 - Beside listening there came another hobby, collecting QSL cards.
                                                   In the beginning from broadcasting stations and later amateur radio stations.
                                                   Meanwhile I have heard more than 200 dxcc countries and more than 125 dxcc I have QSL in mixed RTTY and CW.
                                                   But I'm not lucky with QSL cards a lot I have send via buro or direct but a few came back.
                                                   In spite of the SASE, green stamps and IRC's.
                                                   Nowadays I started with eQSL and for me is it better then the buro on the moment.

                                                 - Another hobby of me is collecting instruments, receivers, transmitters, etc. working with tubes (valves).
                                                    This collection for sofar its possible for me I try to let it work and looks  properly.
                                                    I'm also collecting different types of tubes (valves) and that collection became also bigger and bigger.